Elstree School Layout Design Process

Initial Enquiry

Over the past 7 years, we have worked closely with Elstree School, overseeing a number of their refurbishments. Our first project with them saw us supply the changing room mesh locker and benching units for their new building in line with their requirements.


Initially, we began by understanding their requirements for fittings and additions, ensuring that they were possible within their budget and would be the best way to meet their needs.

Site Visit

We then carried out a site visit to fully understand the space available so that we could finalise a design for a system that utilised the space in the best way possible.


After the manufacturing was completed, our in house fitters were ready to start on site. Our mesh lockers were the ideal product for this design, as they allowed for maximum ventilation and visibility of belongings in the school environment.


Both the design and installation of this project were implemented quickly and efficiently to ensure it was completed on time and budget. Our integrated wire mesh locker and bench systems proved a great addition to their changing rooms. They were simple to assemble and built to last, being manufactured from the highest quality wire mesh for prolonged durability with its everyday use.

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Red mesh storage lockers
Red Mesh Changing Room Locker with Bench
Red hardwood bench locker systems

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