At Arkinstall, we provide a range of cubicle solutions that are perfect for a variety of spaces and budgets. We specialise in shower and changing room cubicles, commercial washroom cubicles and school toilet cubicles, as well as cubicles for offices. Furthermore, we also provide waterproof and accessible toilet cubicles for clients that require them.

Changing Room Cubicles

Interested in fitting top-of-the-range changing room cubicles in your building?

Luckily for you, Arkinstall offers a wide variety of differing changing room cubicles suited for gyms, leisure centres, spas, schools, offices and more. We also offer alternatives for both wet and dry environments. Useful across several industries, our shower and changing cubicles provide unbeatable utility and longevity.

The design and function of your changing rooms is important, after all, you want customers and colleagues using them to feel safe, secure and content.

It's not just changing room cubicles either; Arkinstall also fit lockers and benches – an integral part of any changing room. These can be tailored to your existing design, in order to create a professional finish to your new shower and changing cubicles.

Bespoke Cubicle Solutions

Arkinstall is proud to offer a bespoke range of cubicle solutions that can be tailored to meet your company’s unique requirements. These cubicles can be customised in a variety of ways, including the choice of colour, materials, door height and cubicle width. This allows you to create a functional space that works with what you currently have, potentially keeping in line with your branding and colours. Whilst functionality is key, it’s also important that your new cubicle solutions are aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to featuring customisation options, Arkinstall also offers a range of standard-sized cubicles, waterproof cubicles and accessible toilet cubicles. These cubicles are designed to meet the specific needs of clients who require accessibility features, such as wheelchair accessibility and grab bars.

Customisation options for Arkinstall's cubicles include:

  • Colour: Custom colours available to match existing or desired design scheme
  • Material: Choice of IPS panelling, laminates, solid surface or glass
  • Door height: Available in a variety of heights
  • Cubicle width: Available in a variety of widths
  • Standard-sized cubicles: Available in a variety of standard sizes
  • Accessible cubicles: Designed to meet accessibility requirements

Our bespoke range of cubicle solutions offers you the ability to create a unique and functional space that works for everyone. With a variety of customisation options and accessible cubicles available, you have the flexibility to create a space that meets its users’ needs, whilst retaining quality.

Toilet Cubicles

The toilets in your school should be functional and provide a private, safe space for students who need to use them.

Arkinstall offers a wide range of cubicles for schools, including both standard and bespoke sizes, dependent on specific requirements. These school toilet cubicles are designed to provide privacy, safety and stand the test of time.

We can also provide accessible toilet cubicles that comply with accessibility standards and regulations. They are designed with the needs of individuals with disabilities in mind, ensuring that all students and staff members have access to safe and comfortable facilities.

Our cubicle solutions are a standout choice for educational and office facilities looking to upgrade their bathroom offering.

Benefits of Arkinstall’s Commercial Cubicles

Investing in Arkinstall’s high-quality and commercial cubicles will provide you with numerous benefits, including increased privacy for users, an affordable way to provide this privacy and a high-quality cubicle solution that’s easy to maintain. On top of this, Arkinstall offers the ability for you to combine these cubicles with lockers and benches that match the current design of your space. Let’s dive into a few of those in more detail.

  • Privacy

    Commercial cubicle solutions are crucial in creating safe and private spaces for employees, staff, and students. These areas are essential for focusing, confidentiality, and taking breaks, contributing significantly to a professional and productive work environment.

  • Durable and Easy To Maintain

    If you’re thinking of investing in cubicle solutions, there’s little doubt that you’ll be targeting a high-quality option that provides durability, longevity and is easy to maintain. Arkinstall can provide these benefits in abundance.

  • Customisability

    We understand that everyone’s requirements will be different. We offer bespoke commercial cubicle solutions that we can tailor to your needs. You can customise colour, materials, door height and cubicle width. Place lockers & benches to complete the design.