Swimming Pool

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Designing Your Swimming Pool Changing Room

When designing and planning the layout of your swimming pool changing room, you must remember to make safety and storage a priority.

It should function so that the storage of belongings have security, and so that users can easily navigate your swimming pool changing room to use the facilities to minimise foot traffic.

It’s important to also have separate gendered or unisex changing room cubicles to suit the needs of your users, which we can provide.

No matter who they are for, they need to be positioned between wet and dry areas so as to ensure the functionality of the changing room for your swimming pool.

A great way to do this is with Arkinstall’s bespoke lockers and benches that can be custom-made in dimensions that fit your unique layout and design.

Learn more about the best ways to design a swimming pool changing room.

Lockers for Your Swimming Pool Changing Room

Humidity and dampness can quickly become a problem for swimming pool changing rooms. To ensure the security of belongings, wet area lockers are a great solution to keeping them dry as well as maximising the longevity of your storage units.

All of our changing room lockers are fitted with an anti-bacterial coating to keep users safe from viruses and other germs that can grow in humid environments like swimming pool changing rooms.

Colleges equipped with swimming pools will find our services invaluable. Arkinstall specialises in installing gym or swimming pool lockers, ensuring a secure and convenient changing area tailored to the aquatic needs of your students.

We commit to understanding and executing your exact requirements, creating wet-area locker rooms that not only enhance student welfare but are built to serve efficiently for years to come. Trust Arkinstall to elevate your college's storage and changing facilities, where practicality meets bespoke craftsmanship.

Benches for Your Swimming Pool Changing Room

Adding benches to your changing room cubicles can provide users with a comfortable place to sit and change as well after a long session in the swimming pool.

They also help improve the accessibility of your changing room facilities for users who may require a step or seat inside the changing room cubicle.

At Arkinstall, our benches can come with overhead hanging to keep belongings dry inside of the changing room cubicle, as well as being made from solid grade laminate.

This means they are waterproof and extremely strong, supplying a modern look to a functioning swimming pool changing room cubicle.