Commercial Locker Room Solutions

Having happy staff makes for a productive workplace and making sure their belongings are safe can help contribute to this. Arkinstall can provide a range of retail lockers for the workplace that is secure, sleek, and cost-effective. We make them to your size requirements to ensure seamless integration into your storage space, as well as offering our standard workplace lockers if your main priority is function.

Retail Storage Solutions

A happy team is the heartbeat of a productive workplace, and ensuring the security of their personal belongings plays a significant part in fostering this contentment. Arkinstall steps in to elevate this aspect with a selection of retail lockers designed to blend security, style, and cost-effectiveness seamlessly. Tailored to fit your specific size requirements, our lockers promise a perfect match for your storage space. For those prioritising functionality, our standard workplace lockers are at your service.

But our commitment doesn’t stop at lockers. We extend our bespoke storage solutions to include a variety of units crafted from steel, aluminium, or timber, each designed to complement the unique demands of your commercial environment. From commercial locker room benches to wire mesh lockers and changing room cubicles, Arkinstall is here to transform your workplace storage into a haven of efficiency and style.

Commercial Lockers for the Workplace

Arkinstall's retail lockers are a game-changer in the world of storage, offering unparalleled versatility with sizes to accommodate every need. Whether it's safeguarding small personal treasures or providing a secure spot for bicycles, our commercial locker range guarantees effective storage solutions for all belongings. These multi-user lockers are a marvel of space efficiency, offering ample storage without encroaching on precious floor space – a priceless feature in tight quarters.

The cherry on top? Staff can use their own padlocks, eliminating ongoing costs for you and adding an extra layer of personal security. We proudly recommend our Supertuff Lockers, which are not only stackable and robust but also perfectly suited for the hustle and bustle of commercial and retail settings.

And if you find yourself pondering over the vast sea of options, our Free Survey and Design Services are here to guide you through. Let us help you pinpoint the ideal storage solution tailored specifically to your workplace needs, ensuring that every square inch of your storage space works as hard as you do.