Arkinstall stands at the forefront of providing custom specialist storage solutions, meticulously designed for a range of sectors including fire stations and construction sites. Our mission is to significantly extend the working life of your equipment through ensuring its safe and secure storage. With our bespoke services, we're not just offering storage; we're guaranteeing peace of mind and the longevity of your vital tools and gear.

Specialist Storage

Arkinstall is your go-to for the specialist storage solutions your heart desires. Whether you're a fire station aiming to extend the life of your vital equipment by keeping it secure, or a building site in search of sturdy and resilient storage, we've got your back.

Our services span across various sectors, delivering tailor-made storage solutions to safeguard belongings, equipment, and beyond. Each product we offer is versatile, ready to be customised for any specific needs you might have, showcasing the exceptional talents of our design team. Let Arkinstall be the solution to all your storage challenges, transforming the way you protect and organize your essential gear.

Our Solutions for Specialist Storage

Mesh Storage Marvels – Dive into our collection of mesh lockers, perfectly designed for PPE storage. They offer the dual benefits of supreme ventilation and visibility, ensuring your protective gear is always ready and within sight.

Enduring Elegance – Our steel lockers are the champions of durability, crafted for every PPE need. Not only do they provide robust storage solutions, but they also add a touch of attractiveness to the office or any work environment.

KitStore Excellence – Tailored for the unique demands of Emergency Services, our KitStore systems embody strength and resilience. These heavy-duty storage solutions simplify the preservation and care of essential equipment, making them a practical choice for those who operate on the front lines.

Custom Craftsmanship – At Arkinstall, customization is at the heart of what we do. Our product ranges are flexible, designed to meet specialist needs with the creativity of our designers leading the way. We offer site visits to fully understand your storage challenges, recommending materials, units, and layouts tailored to even the most complex requirements.