Primary School Cloakroom Furniture

Step into the vibrant world of Arkinstall's cloakroom furniture, where variety knows no bounds. Our collection boasts an eclectic mix of sizes, shapes, and configurations, offering a limitless array of lockers, benches, and fittings designed to align with your budget. Tailor your primary school cloakroom to perfection, ensuring it becomes an of optimal storage solution that meet every need and expectation.

Cloakroom Furniture for Primary Schools

Dive into the world of Arkinstall's cloakroom furniture, where endless possibilities await to transform your primary school's storage. Our collection spans a vast array of sizes, shapes, and configurations, blending lockers, benches, and fittings into perfect harmony with your budget. Rest assured, your primary school cloakroom will be outfitted with the ultimate storage setup, tailor-made to meet your every need.

Banish clutter and maximise space with our stylish wall-mounted furniture, ingeniously designed to enhance both cloakroom and classroom storage. Our extensive selection of bag storage solutions ensures every pupil's possessions are securely stored throughout the day, providing peace of mind for students and teachers alike.

Crafted from robust, antibacterial materials, our products aren't just about storage; they're about safeguarding your pupils and their belongings. With Arkinstall, embrace a cleaner, safer, and more organised environment, where every item finds its place in the heart of your school.

Primary School Cloakroom Furniture & Fittings

Beyond the realm of lockers and benches, we bring to you a treasure trove of school cloakroom fittings, each designed to add that unique touch to your storage solutions, tailored exactly to your needs. Imagine the perfect harmony of coat hooks, shoe caddies, bag storage units, and troughs, all coming together to form the ideal storage ensemble for cloakrooms of any size.

Our school cloakroom furniture, including every one of our thoughtfully designed fittings, offers versatility in installation, ready to be mounted on walls or positioned freestanding, maximizing your available space to its fullest potential.

Whether you're drawn to our standard models or you're envisioning something truly one-of-a-kind, our design services are here to bring your bespoke cloakroom furniture vision to life. With us, your space isn't just organized; it's transformed into a reflection of your unique needs and style.