Primary School Cloakroom Furniture

primary school cloakroom furniture

Cloakroom Furniture for Primary Schools

Arkinstall’s cloakroom furniture comes in a range of sizes, shapes, and options. With endless combinations of lockers, benches, and fittings to suit your budget, you can be sure that your primary school cloakroom will have the optimal storage solution.

Minimise mess and clutter with wall-mounted furniture to expand both your cloakroom and classroom storage space. We have a wide range of bag storage to safely hold all pupil’s belongings all day.

All our products are made with durable and antibacterial materials to keep not only your pupils safe but their belongings, too.

Primary School Cloakroom Furniture & Fittings

As well as lockers and benches, we provide a host of school cloakroom fittings to help make your storage solutions unique and to your requirements. You can combine coat hooks, shoe caddies, bag storage units, and troughs for the perfectly designed storage range, suitable for all cloakrooms no matter the size.

As with all our school cloakroom furniture, our fittings can be attached to walls as well as free-standing to make the most use of the space you have.

You can take your pick from our standard models as well as utilise our design services to have bespoke cloakroom furniture for your space.

Get in Touch About Your Primary School Cloakroom Furniture Needs

Whether you have an empty room you need designing or you have a CAD drawing you want brought to life, we are the people for you. Let us know your requirements below.