Maximising Space: Innovative Solutions for School Cloakroom Optimisation

Maximising Space: Innovative Solutions for School Cloakroom Optimisation Blog Contents 1. Understanding the challenges 2. Smart storage solutions 3. Utilising vertical space 4. Arkinstall Can Maximise your School Cloakroom Space The beginning of the school day can be busy, tiring, and at times, a little dysfunctional. Early morning rises for some students, no matter their…

Maximising Space: Innovative Solutions for School Cloakroom Optimisation

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Blog Contents

1. Understanding the challenges 2. Smart storage solutions 3. Utilising vertical space 4. Arkinstall Can Maximise your School Cloakroom Space

The beginning of the school day can be busy, tiring, and at times, a little dysfunctional. Early morning rises for some students, no matter their age, can be a struggle. Arriving at school and using a cloakroom to store personal belongings, as well as schoolwork, has become the standard. Unfortunately, some school cloakrooms are a muddled mess, not efficiently organised and without effective storage solutions and furniture that can benefit students and staff hugely.

In this blog, the experts at Arkinstall are here to help you understand how to maximise your cloakroom space and outline innovative solutions to benefit your school’s cloakroom.

1. Understanding the challenges

You may be thinking, “my school’s cloakroom isn’t that bad, why change it?” There could be a few items scattered about and not stored as well as they could, and perhaps some pupils’ coats aren’t where they left them. There’s a little overcrowding and not all the students have enough seating and storage space for their belongings.

These issues add up which leads to damage, clutter, disorder and unhappy occupants. Taking a proactive approach to these issues and challenges can be simple with the right solutions and strategies. But what are they?

2. Smart Storage Solutions

The perfect solutions to maximising your cloakroom environment is smart storage solutions. In contemporary educational settings, maximising storage in small cloakroom spaces is often a challenge. However, innovative solutions are available to directly tackle that challenge, enabling efficient use of limited space without compromising on quality.

Imagine you have a blank canvas where it’s out with the old and in with the new. First up, modular shelving units offer great versatility in accommodating different sized items. These units typically consist of individual components that are combined in various ways, allowing for more flexibility in design. They can be reconfigured based on changing needs. For example, say your school is conducting an “Arts Week” where students will need to store various items and projects that wouldn’t be there usually. Freestanding or wall-mounted options cater to specific space constraints and additional shelves can be added as your storage requirements grow.

Adjustable racks are another ideal space-saving solution. They can hang coats and bags and store footwear with the ability to also be adjusted to accommodate different heights and widths, enabling great customisation. These also free up floor space and utilise vertical space efficiently.

Indeed, finding the right type of storage for individual needs is a must. Lockers can adequately store pupils’ items securely and safely. There is almost a limitless amount of locker variation, made from different durable, strong and long-lasting materials such as steel. Lockers can be stacked on top of each other and configured in several layouts. There is a host of different-sized lockers too, providing options for even the smallest of school cloakrooms.

Different demands, such as student age, activity and cloakroom arrangement, necessitates customised solutions. Customisable storage solutions can fit neatly in the available space, minimising wasted space and maximising storage capacity.

Customisable options can adjust to changing student numbers, curricular changes that affect equipment, and fashion trends that affect clothes sizes and types. This adaptability can help save money over time.

3. Utilising vertical space

Vertical space is your friend in any environment that is struggling with storage space. Tall storage units, such as lockers, can extend close to the ceiling, making full use of the available height. They will increase your storage capacity, without minimising your floor space, and can be organised in a variety of ways. Indeed, wall-mounted hooks can be used to hang several items and provide quick access for users, as well as efficiently utilising wall space that might otherwise remain empty.

We have the best tips for maximising your vertical space to utilise storage solutions effectively.

Prioritise accessibility – ensure frequently used items remain within easy reach. The uppermost spaces should be used for less frequently used items.
Labelling – label higher shelves and compartments so students know what’s stored where, without needing to search or reach unnecessarily.
Safety – ensure storage units are securely anchored to the ground to prevent tipping and injuries. Avoid overloading shelving with heavy items too.
Categorise vertically – it helps to group similar items in specific zones. For example, shoes should be at the bottom, coats and bags in the middle and hats at the top.

Schools can substantially improve storage, streamline organisation and create a more spacious, uncluttered cloakroom by carefully embracing vertical space. This method maximises space and makes it easy for pupils to find their belongings.

Arkinstall Can Maximise your School Cloakroom Space

Thanks to the experts at Arkinstall, you now know how to better maximise your school cloakroom space. Say goodbye to dysfunctional storage spaces and say hello to an organised, tidy and functioning cloakroom for students to benefit from.

Arkinstall is the UK’s best supplier and installer of storage solutions including lockers, cubicles, benches and more for schools and a host of other sectors. If you would like Arkinstall to transform your school cloakroom, get in touch with us by visiting our contact page

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