Arkinstall is your go-to specialist for custom industrial locker room solutions, bringing an unparalleled level of personalisation to the table. Our offerings go beyond the conventional, with customisable lockers that can be equipped with additional features such as shelves, benches, and stands, all designed to cater to the diverse needs of the industrial sector.

Bespoke Industrial Locker Room Designers

Arkinstall is at the forefront of crafting and supplying innovative storage solutions tailored to a variety of industries, with a special focus on the industrial sector. Our industrial lockers are the epitome of customization, designed to meet specific requirements and enhanced with additional fittings like shelves, benches, and stands to cater to every unique need.

We pride ourselves on offering a range of sizes, from standard to bespoke options, ensuring that every workspace, no matter its size or function, is equipped with storage solutions that are as efficient as they are elegant. With Arkinstall, transform your industrial storage into a seamless blend of functionality and style.

Our Industrial Storage Solutions

Our industrial locker room storage solutions are a masterclass in innovation, combining smart locking mechanisms, expert craftsmanship, and a variety of sizes to cater to every individual's needs. Designed with precision, our lockers ensure that everything from kit bags and equipment to uniforms finds its place comfortably, without ever compromising on space.

These lockers are the perfect blend of maximum storage capacity and sleek design, ensuring they integrate seamlessly into your industrial locker room environment. With our storage solutions, we elevate the concept of organization, making sure every item has its spot, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

Welded Mesh

In the industrial sector, where damp conditions are a common challenge, our welded mesh lockers stand out as the ultimate storage solution for employees. The ingenious design promotes increased ventilation, allowing wet clothing and equipment to air out and dry during shifts, all while maintaining the durability of the locker itself over time.

Our collection of mesh personal effects lockers is engineered for heightened visual security, effectively deterring theft. Moreover, their design minimizes surface areas, leaving little room for dirt and bacteria to accumulate, thus ensuring a hygienic storage option for all personal belongings within an industrial locker room.

Crafted to strike the perfect balance between robustness and ease of use, our industrial mesh lockers are straightforward to assemble and designed to withstand the test of time. This combination of strength, convenience, and hygiene makes our lockers an indispensable addition to any industrial workspace.

Industrial Metal Lockers

Arkinstall's industrial lockers are the quintessential choice for businesses experiencing high levels of staff turnover. Constructed from heavy-duty metal, these lockers are engineered for relentless use, providing unparalleled durability and significantly reducing long-term costs.

With options to either zinc or powder coat, our metal lockers can be perfectly tailored to complement your industrial locker room's aesthetic. These lockers are not just a practical storage solution; they're a hygienic powerhouse, ideal for maintaining high standards of cleanliness in environments that demand it the most.

Whether it's a damp workspace or a food-handling business, the anti-bacterial coating on our lockers offers peace of mind, ensuring harmful bacteria have no chance to thrive. Our Design Services team stands ready to craft and install a custom locker system that meets the unique requirements of your industrial locker room, merging functionality with design precision for a solution that's as effective as it is elegant.