Changing Room Lockers and Benches

Storage solutions are vital for the sports industry, and here at Arkinstall, we supply a range of lockers for changing rooms suited for a vast range of sports industries and environments.  

Our changing room lockers are manufactured to the highest standards and are available in a wide combination of materials to suit all situations. In addition, and where manufacturing restrictions allow, several locker ranges can be supplied in bespoke dimensions. 

We also can personalise lockers with vinyl, making them more personal for you.  

We also have the ability to personalise lockers with vinyl making them more personal to the client.

Why are Changing Room Lockers Needed?

With such a wide selection of different changing room lockers and benches, it is important that you choose wisely to provide the functionality you require whilst fully utilising the available space. The correct lockers not only provide a secure storage area for the user, but they look good in their environment, are practical and are an economic solution for the provider.  

Changing room lockers are important as they are a means to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs in shared spaces. This is especially the case in changing rooms for swimming pools and gyms, where sweaty and wet clothing can harbour germs.  

The Range of Lockers We Offer

We have one of the UK’s most diverse range of changing room lockers. Having a varying selection to choose from means we can help all manner of sporting industries with storage. Our range is manufactured from the sturdiest of materials, made to last for years with proper maintenance. Our range will add style and luxury to your changing room and provide security for all your sporting clients. 

Durable, functional and cleanly cut, our steel lockers are perfect for changing rooms located in schools, leisure centres, gyms and more. Available in over 100 different product styles and colours, speak to the experts for more information on our steel lockers.  

This classy type of locker is suited for all sporting sectors. They are easy to clean, hard wearing and practical, making them a great option for your changing room lockers. For more information, contact us here 

These stylish and stackable plastic lockers are ideal for swimming pools, schools as well as commercial and industrial changing rooms. They offer versatility and endurance to any locker storage solution in any environment. Get in touch with us to find out more about supertuff lockers. 

Our timber-style lockers can be supplied in a wide range of melamine or real wood laminate finishes, bringing luxury to any changing room locker design. Your changing room will ooze warmth and comfort with these lockers installed. Find out more by contacting us today. 

This range of our changing room lockers fits perfectly into any athletic and leisure setting where dampness is an issue. The anti-bacterial powder-coated finish makes them the perfect and easy-clean option for any storage solution design. We’ve thought of everything – get in touch with us here. 

Space comes at a premium and most clients want to maximise the use of whatever changing room space is available to them. That’s why, at Arkinstall, all of our projects are bespoke and designed just for you and your needs.  

What do you Put in a Changing Room Locker?

Our range of lockers is extremely versatile and comes in various forms and sizes. That makes them suitable for storing just about anything. From clients clothes and valuables to sporting equipment, such as rackets, balls, helmets and nets, we have the perfect type of locker for your sporting needs. 

Bespoke Lockers and Benches for Changing Rooms

The team at Arkinstall can supply and install bespoke storage solutions for your changing rooms. We understand the importance of having a well-designed changing room, along with the ideal types of changing room lockers and benches. Therefore, we offer expert guidance on what type of locker would work best for your sporting environment and can even refresh your existing changing room lockers with brand-new, durable and functional storage. 

Get in Touch About Your Bespoke Changing Room Locker Storage Solutions

Whether you have an empty room you need designing or you have a CAD drawing you want brought to life, we are the people for you. Let us know your requirements below.

Custom lockers, benches and storage solutions

At Arkinstall, we provide a wide range of commercial locker options that will quickly become a part of your changing room storage. Across a number of industries, our changing room lockers are made from a variety of durable materials: our lockers are built to last in any environment.