Places of Worship

Understanding the critical role of safety and organisation within sacred spaces, Arkinstall introduces cutting-edge shoe rack solutions tailored for mosques. Our designs tackle the unique challenge of keeping corridors and entrances clutter-free, a necessity that becomes especially paramount during prayer times. With Arkinstall's innovative approach, congregants can focus on their spiritual journey, knowing their footwear is neatly stored and easily accessible.

Shoe Rack Solutions for Mosques

Our working relationship with the Emergency Services began when Arkinstall was approached by West Midland Fire Service to design storage units for new issue fire fighting uniforms for thirteen stations at short notice.

As a result of the success of this collaboration our range of products has grown rapidly, and are now also being supplied to the Ambulance, Police, and Coast Guard Services.

PPE and equipment used by all services are specialised and expensive, so it makes sense to prolong its life by ensuring it is stored securely and safely.

All of the products we manufacture for Emergency Services are bespoke, designed to fulfill a specific requirement, and last a lifetime.

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Bespoke Shoe Storage

Arkinstall has become the go-to source for bespoke shoe storage solutions across Places of Worship, including Mosques nationwide, offering a sleek, smart, and economical answer to the challenge of footwear storage for worship. Tailored to fit the unique demands of your sacred space, our mosque shoe racks come in a variety of materials, each designed to blend durability with style. These racks are crafted not just for longevity but to maximize storage efficiency in minimal space, ensuring your entrance remains clutter-free and welcoming.

With the flexibility to choose from different sizes and styles—whether open for easy access or closed for a tidy appearance—our shoe racks are customizable to perfectly fit the available space and meet your specific requirements. Arkinstall is dedicated to enhancing the harmony and order of your Place of Worship, ensuring a serene and respectful environment for all devotees.

Wire Mesh Shoe Racks for Mosques

Our innovative welded mesh shoe storage systems are the epitome of versatility and durability, tailored to fit virtually any space and need. With a bright zinc plating, they not only boast enhanced durability but also require minimal maintenance, positioning them as the ideal choice for your mosque's shoe storage needs.

The genius of welded wire mesh lies in its ability to increase air circulation, allowing damp footwear to dry naturally. This feature not only keeps shoes in prime condition but also extends the life of your bespoke shoe storage solution. Designed to blend seamlessly with your mosque's interior, these units can be powder coated to match any decor. For those requiring flexibility, we offer options in MF/MDF, available in both shelved and compartmented designs, as well as mobile units for temporary needs.

At Arkinstall, our design service is dedicated to creating the perfect shoe storage solution tailored just for you, complete with an optional installation service to ensure everything is set up just the way you need it. Embrace a clutter-free environment with our customisable, durable, and stylish shoe storage solutions.