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Changing room with benches

Changing Room Design & Refurbishment

Changing rooms are no longer exclusive to sports centers, but are found in schools, offices, and other places of business. Because of this, it’s essential to build a changing room with long-term durability at the forefront of its design.

Our specialist approach to refurbishments means we design to ensure maximum storage without limiting the space, using only the strongest materials to keep users and their belongings safe.

Our dedicated team of designers works to provide you with a bespoke design for your changing room to suit all user needs.

We offer a range of specialist changing room solutions to suit all environments and needs, including both wet and dry cubicles.

Accessible changing rooms for disabled and elderly users are also offered to provide specialist facilities. To make sure no space is wasted in your changing room refurbishment, the designs are curated specifically to the dimensions of your space and desired finish.

Solutions for Changing Room Designs

Our specialist lockers and benches are designed to provide effective changing room solutions.

They are manufactured with robust materials designed to withstand scrapes and knocks, combining intelligent locking solutions, anti-bacterial powder coating, and effective space utilisation to ensure the best use of space in your changing room.

They are an integral part of any changing room design, so our specialist approach prioritises this – we provide the right storage solution design that fully utilises the space whilst providing the functionality you require.

Changing Room Layout Designs

As part of our solutions for specialist changing rooms, we provide benches and lockers in a variety of materials.

Our Lockers are sleek, smart, and simple to suit all changing room designs and layouts, no matter the size. For wet areas, they are manufactured with materials to ensure longevity and durability despite constant use in humid environments.

Our Benches offer a comfortable place for users to change whilst increasing the storage capacity of your changing room cubicles. Made from laminate, hardwood, or steel, you can be sure we have a solution for you.

Take a look at some of the changing room designs we have done for our clients.


October 28, 2021

FISHERMORE SCHOOL CHANGING ROOM DESIGN Fishermore Changing Room Design Process Initial Enquiry Fishermore school contacted us to design and supply a bespoke changing room refurbishment. To start our project with Fishermore School, we first began with a plan from the project manager. This included the room plan, so that we knew the initial dimensions and…


October 19, 2021

John Wilmott School Changing Room Design Changing Room Design Process Initial Enquiry The John Wilmott School were carrying out a refurbishment program of their cloakrooms and changing rooms using a local contractor, Thomas Vale Ltd. As part of this, Arkinstall were asked to curate a bespoke design for them including the products needed, the overall…


October 19, 2021

ELSTREE SCHOOL DESIGN PLAN Elstree School Layout Design Process Initial Enquiry Over the past 7 years, we have worked closely with Elstree School, overseeing a number of their refurbishments. Our first project with them saw us supply the changing room mesh locker and benching units for their new building in line with their requirements. Planning…


October 19, 2021

Gentleman’s Sports Club Design Process Initial Enquiry A Prestigious Gentlemen’s Club in London asked us to design and supply their bespoke changing rooms as part of their sports club refurbishment. Planning Working alongside trusted building specialists, iDCC Services Ltd, we were invited to supply and install our goods for the refurbishment of changing rooms as…


October 19, 2021

Changing Room Refurbishment Process Initial Enquiry Situated in the heart of the Sussex countryside, Brambletye is recognised as one of the finest boarding and day schools in England. We were initially approached as they were seeking an all-inclusive supply, delivery, and installation solution for their changing room refurbishment. Planning We planned both an internal and…


October 19, 2021

St Piran’s Prep School Storage Solutions Initial Enquiry Over the summer, we were contacted by St Piran’s Independent Preparatory School in Maidenhead. We were tasked with supplying changing and storage facilities as part of the refurbishment of their boy’s changing room Planning We planned to supply changing pods manufactured from laminated MDF, as well as…

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Whether you have an empty room you need designing or you have a CAD drawing you want brought to life, we are the people for you. Let us know your requirements below.

Changing Room Design and Refurbishment Solutions

At Arkinstall, we keep durability in mind, which is why our designers survey your property to ensure we offer the best solution for your specialist changing room refurbishment for a long-lasting installation.


The most important aspect of changing rooms is the layout and how everyone can move around one another with comfort, privacy, and ease. A well-designed locker room effortlessly guides users through an inviting and spacious central pathway.

Highlighting the privacy aspect of a well-designed changing room, each area must cater to every user's need for a discreet and secure changing experience.

Some important factors to consider when designing a locker room include the size and layout of the space, the number of lockers needed, the type of materials used for lockers and other fixtures, ventilation, lighting, and accessibility for people with disabilities. At Arkinstall, we cater to all locker room needs. Speak to our experts on 0121 522 0500 to find out more.

To make your changing room design more functional, consider incorporating features such as built-in benches, shelves, hooks, and lockers with different sizes to accommodate different items. Additionally, make sure there is ample space for people to move around and access their lockers easily. Head over to our blog ‘How to make the most of locker room space’ blog, to find out more.

Our commercial changing room equipment is perfect for use in gyms, schools, offices, leisure centres, spas, and sports facilities. You can find the proper dressing room solutions to meet your needs here. We have alternatives for both wet and dry conditions, as well as products in a variety of colours.

Personalised changing room solutions. We can design a washroom exactly for your needs, from simple toilets and locker rooms to showers and vandal-resistant cubicles.

Wasrom and Changing Room designs that comply with all your requirements:

Arkinstall can design a custom washroom that has all your desired features. We can design your ideal washroom solution, from the aesthetics to the functions, such as lockers and showers.

Arkinstall, as the UK's leading manufacturer, can provide high-durability solutions such as moisture and vandal-resistant cubicles. This is necessary for your washroom or changing rooms to last the test of time, especially if it has showers