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Changing Room Solutions

Arkinstall offers comprehensive changing room solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various sectors, including education, emergency services, sports and leisure, retail and commercial, places of worship, and industrial environments.

Maximise your space
with our in-house design services

Arkinstall offers comprehensive in-house design services to maximise your space with bespoke locker and bench solutions. Starting with an initial enquiry, you can contact us without obligation to discuss your specific needs.

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Our team will craft a tailored design solution based on your requirements. A site visit is then conducted to fully understand
your space and ensure the proposed design is perfectly suited to your environment.
Once the design is finalised, Arkinstall proceeds to supply and, if desired, install your complete bespoke storage solutions.
The result is a durable, custom-built storage solution that optimally utilises your space, tailored specifically to meet
your needs and enhance your environment.


At Arkinstall, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke storage solutions for school cloakrooms, encompassing a full range of services from design and supply to installation.

Our expertise lies in creating custom furniture such as benches and lockers, meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of each educational institution.

Whether tackling new constructions or refurbishing existing spaces, our offerings are designed with durability and versatility in mind, ensuring they fit perfectly even in the most compact cloakrooms and are ready for daily use.

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Emergency Services

Arkinstall has developed a specialised niche in providing bespoke lockers and storage solutions for the Emergency Services leading to an expanded product range now catering to the needs of the Ambulance, Police, and Coast Guard Services.

Understanding the critical importance of securely storing the specialised and costly equipment used by these services, Arkinstall designs each product to meet specific requirements and ensure longevity.

Our offerings include expertly crafted lockers and benches for police forces, designed to securely store uniforms, equipment, and personal belongings, as well as robust, durable storage solutions for ambulances capable of withstanding the rigours of the job.

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Sports & Leisure

Arkinstall offers tailored changing room solutions for leisure centres and sports facilities, prioritising the storage, security, and protection of sports equipment and clothing.

Our lockers are designed to maximise space efficiently while being tall enough to accommodate belongings, kit bags, and equipment. These products adhere to locker room design standards, ensuring durability and safety for users' possessions. Featuring a robust construction and an anti-bacterial powder-coated finish, Arkinstall lockers are ideal for environments prone to dampness and heavy use.

Additionally, the company provides customisable options such as hooks, hangers, and island units, along with a variety of colours to fit any sports changing room design.

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Retail & Commercial

Arkinstall offers bespoke retail and commercial locker room storage solutions designed to enhance workplace productivity by ensuring the safety and security of staff belongings. Their range of lockers, available in various sizes to meet specific requirements, are designed for seamless integration into any storage space. These lockers, crafted from steel, aluminium, or timber, cater to diverse commercial environments, offering functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Arkinstall's lockers are designed to economise space without compromising storage capacity, suitable for storing everything from small personal items to bicycles. Arkinstall also offers a Free Survey and Design Service to tailor solutions to the unique needs of any workplace, ensuring optimal storage solutions with no ongoing costs for lock management, as staff can use their own padlocks.

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Places of Worship

Recognising the importance of safety and organisation in places of worship. Arkinstall offers innovative shoe rack solutions specifically designed for mosques, addressing the unique challenges of maintaining clutter-free corridors and entrances, especially crucial during prayer times. These shoe racks are customisable in various materials, sizes, and configurations, ranging from open to closed designs, to meet the specific needs of each mosque.

The use of durable materials like welded mesh, plated with bright zinc for enhanced durability and minimal maintenance, ensures that these storage solutions can withstand daily use while providing efficient space utilisation. Additionally, the ventilated design of the wire mesh allows for the natural drying of wet shoes, further extending the longevity of the storage system.

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Arkinstall specialises in bespoke industrial locker room solutions, offering customisable lockers with additional features like shelves, benches, and stands to suit various needs in the industrial sector.

Our lockers, available in standard and bespoke sizes, are designed for maximum storage efficiency and seamless integration into any industrial environment. We provide welded mesh lockers for damp conditions, promoting ventilation to dry wet clothing and equipment, and enhancing visual security and cleanliness.

Additionally, Arkinstall offers heavy-duty metal lockers, ideal for high hygiene standards and suitable for industries with high staff turnover, featuring options for anti-bacterial coatings. Our design services cater to creating and installing tailored locker systems for any industrial locker room requirement.

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Arkinstall offers bespoke specialist storage solutions tailored for various sectors, including fire stations and construction sites, aiming to extend the working life of equipment by ensuring its safe storage.

Our product range, adaptable for specialist use across any environment, includes mesh lockers for PPE with maximum ventilation and visibility, steel lockers for durable office storage, and KitStore systems designed specifically for the robust needs of Emergency Services.

With a focus on bespoke solutions, Arkinstall's team of skilled designers can adapt any product range for specialised needs, conducting site visits to tailor materials, units, and storage plans to meet even the most challenging demands.

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At Arkinstall, we take pride in our extensive portfolio of bespoke locker and bench solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of various sectors. Our projects showcase our commitment to quality, functionality, and design excellence. With over 30,000 completed projects worldwide and a team of skilled professionals, we have made our mark on the national and international market, bringing our specialist know-how to a variety of sectors.