Commerical Locker Room Benches

Benches are a key element to any Changing environment and so it is important to choose well in order to ensure the comfort of the user and the full utilisation of the available space.

We offer bench seating for all environments, each with differing specifications and price points, all of which can be ‘tailor made’ to suit your particular needs. We have pride in our ability to supply bespoke products and believe our customers should have a solution for their requirements and not adapt their requirements to suit a ‘standard’ range of products.

Bespoke Bench Seating

Changing room and gym benches provide your guests with a convenient space to store their belongings, steady themselves whilst removing shoes, or simply relax after a workout.

Our benches are manufactured in steel, hardwood, and laminate to suit your bench seating system needs. Our bespoke benches offer a tailor made solution to any environment with different specifications and price points to suit you.

With a wide range of products including Perimeter Benching, hook and hanger, and Island units, you can be sure that Arkinstall has the perfect solution for your bench seating system.

Get in Touch About Your Bespoke Bench Seating Needs

Whether you have an empty room you need designing or you have a CAD drawing you want brought to life, we are the people for you. Let us know your requirements below.

    Custom lockers, benches, and storage solutions

    At Arkinstall, we provide a variety of bench seating options for a number of sectors including schools, emergency services and commercial environments. Made from a number of materials, Arkinstall have the perfect bench seating system for changing rooms, locker rooms, and more.