Commercial Locker Room Benches

Benches are a key element to any Changing environment and so it is important to choose well in order to ensure the comfort of the user and the full utilisation of the available space. We offer bench seating for all environments, each with differing specifications and price points, all of which can be ‘tailor made’ to suit your particular needs. We have pride in our ability to supply bespoke products and believe our customers should have a solution for their requirements and not adapt their requirements to suit a ‘standard’ range of products.

Bespoke Bench Seating

Changing room and gym benches provide your guests with a convenient space to store their belongings, steady themselves whilst removing shoes, or simply relax after a workout. Our benches are manufactured in steel, hardwood, and laminate to suit your bench seating system needs. Our bespoke benches offer a tailor made solution to any environment with different specifications and price points to suit you. With a wide range of products including Perimeter Benching, hook and hanger, and Island units, you can be sure that Arkinstall has the perfect solution for your bench seating system.

20 Series - All Steel Benching

The 20 Series range of changing room benches exemplifies the pinnacle of functionality and resilience, thanks to the inherent qualities of mild steel from which they are constructed. This material selection ensures that each bench can withstand the daily wear and tear typical of demanding environments, making them the perfect fit for spaces subjected to rigorous use. Mild steel's strength, combined with its practical design, provides a robust seating solution that maintains its integrity and appearance over time.

Beyond their structural resilience, the 20 Series benches are crafted with both user experience and maintenance in mind. The practical design facilitates easy cleaning and upkeep, a crucial feature in environments where hygiene and tidiness are paramount. Their durability is matched by a thoughtful design that ensures comfort for the user, making these benches more than just a place to sit; they enhance the overall functionality of the changing room.

30 Series - Hardwood Benching

The 30 Series range of bench seating stands out for its unique blend of traditional and modern elements, combining the natural warmth of hardwood with the robust strength of steel. This fusion not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the benches, offering a rich, inviting appearance, but also ensures their structural integrity and durability. The choice of materials reflects a commitment to quality and versatility, making these benches a favourite across various settings.

The versatility of the 30 Series is further underscored by its adaptability to a wide range of environments. Whether placed in changing rooms, locker rooms, or communal areas, these benches meet the needs of users with their comfortable seating and durable construction. The incorporation of hardwood offers a tactile warmth that invites interaction, while the steel framework guarantees longevity and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that the benches remain a fixture of the space for years to come.

60 Series - Laminate Benching

Solid grade laminate panels are renowned for their exceptional properties, including waterproofing, durability, and a contemporary aesthetic. These panels provide a sleek, polished look when installed, contributing significantly to the overall appearance of changing rooms or gym benches. The waterproof nature of the material ensures that it is ideally suited for environments prone to moisture, such as swimming pools and gym areas, protecting against water damage and maintaining its integrity over time.

Moreover, the durability of solid grade laminate panels makes them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. They are built to withstand frequent use and resist wear and tear, ensuring they remain in top condition for years to come. This strength adds significant value to changing rooms and gym benches by providing a sturdy, reliable surface that can handle the demands of daily use.