Bespoke Office Lockers

Understanding the uniqueness of your storage needs, Arkinstall proudly offers Design Services to craft custom office storage solutions that your team will genuinely appreciate and enjoy using. Our extensive collection of office storage furniture is designed not just to enhance the aesthetics of your workspace but to offer unparalleled storage efficiency that every modern office demands.

Office Storage Solutions

Our mission is to create custom office storage solutions that not only meet the practical demands of your workspace but are also genuinely enjoyed and appreciated by your staff. Our expansive selection of office storage furniture is meticulously curated to enhance the aesthetics of your office environment while delivering unparalleled storage functionality.

Our arsenal of storage solutions is designed to cater to a spectrum of office needs, featuring everything from sleek commercial locker room benches and robust wire mesh lockers to versatile changing room cubicles. These options are carefully chosen to address the diverse requirements of different workplace settings, ensuring every employee finds their storage needs met with elegance and efficiency.

At Arkinstall, we are dedicated to optimizing your office space to its fullest potential. We offer a comprehensive service that includes the design, supply, and installation of a wide array of lockers, benches, and storage units, customized in any combination to perfectly fit your office layout and storage requirements.

Bespoke Staff Lockers

Arkinstall’s bespoke staff lockers are masterfully crafted to revolutionize office storage, offering a plethora of sizes and door configurations to forge fully customized storage solutions tailored to meet every unique need. From compact lockers that can be ingeniously connected to form a cohesive ‘nest’ to our statuesque variants standing tall to accommodate lengthier items like sports equipment, a change of wardrobe, or even bicycles, versatility is at the heart of our design.

Beyond mere storage, each locker is equipped with a variety of locking mechanisms, ensuring ease of use without compromising the safety and security of personal belongings. This user-centric approach ensures that access is straightforward, while offering peace of mind that items stored are well-protected.

Our mission with bespoke staff lockers is to redefine your office storage area into a space that is not only unique but highly functional, enabling the safekeeping of all personal and professional items in a cost-effective manner. With Arkinstall lockers, transform your storage space into an organized, secure haven, reflecting the professional and aesthetic values of your workplace. Elevate your office environment with our custom solutions, where each locker plays a part in creating a cohesive, efficient, and secure workspace tailored to suit the dynamic needs of your staff.