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College Locker Solutions

Our College Locker Solutions

The importance of investing in storage solutions for colleges (such as locker systems for colleges) across the UK cannot be overstated. After reaching a stage where they long for more freedom, it’s critical that students have a safe space to store their books, gym clothes and personal belongings between classes.

Arkinstall are experts in the creation and provision of bespoke college lockers, benches and fittings that can be customised in a variety of materials, finishes and sizes to meet your specific college locker solutions needs.

Our Key Features

All our college lockers are durable and built to withstand daily use, yet still boast a professional finish, crafted by professionals with many years of experience in the industry. Aesthetics cannot be overlooked in the name of practicality – or vice versa – which is why our locker systems for colleges are also created to enhance the image of the area in which they are installed.

Through the installation of college lockers, you are investing in the health of your students. They no longer need to carry around heavy books in their bags throughout the day, reducing the risk of future health issues. College locker solutions also offer students somewhere to store their big winter coats before outdoor breaks, working to keep your teaching spaces cleaner and safer for everyone.

What’s more, students aren’t the only ones to benefit – the provision of college lockers ensures that staff and visitors are able to keep items safe, too. Their installation is also important in keeping the reputation of your college high in the eyes of prospective students and parents. Invest in a positive learning environment with Arkinstall’s college locker solutions.

Lockers for Colleges
College Locker Solutions

Storage Solutions for Colleges

At Arkinstall, we not only specialise in the installation of standard college locker solutions made in a variety of different materials, but also in other storage solutions, such as college locker rooms and benches for specific requirements. Changing room lockers are extremely common in colleges with sports facilities that need a safe area for students to prepare for sports. Arkinstall is well versed in this type of locker installation and will manufacture made-to-measure changing room lockers tailored to your college’s needs.

For colleges that have a swimming pool and need a safe area for students to change, Arkinstall can fit gym or swimming pool lockers. We’ll work to your precise requirements, installing wet-area locker rooms that support student welfare and offer practicality for many years to come.

Our Bespoke Features

Arkinstall’s college locker solutions also cover the provision of custom-changing room solutions.

We can create bespoke bench systems manufactured in steel, hardwood, and laminate to perfectly suit your requirements. When created in conjunction with our locker systems for colleges, you are getting the full package – a durable college locker solution as well as bench systems to add professionalism and durability to your new space.

Feel free to contact our friendly team who would be more than happy to answer any questions you have and can even provide full CAD drawings to assist in visualising your dream design.

Lockers for Colleges

Benefits of College Lockers

When choosing to invest in college locker solutions, everyone can reap the benefits they provide – not only your students, but also your staff, visitors and everyone involved with the college. College lockers offer security and cleanliness and promote personal identity.

Improved Security

Possibly the most obvious benefit of locker systems for colleges is the increased security and safety that they provide. In the modern era, students will be carrying valuable pieces of technology, as well as books and coats that need to be stored in a secure location. Having lockers reduces the potential risk of theft, helping to give everyone more peace of mind.

They Help to Increase Cleanliness

There’s no denying it – many young people, especially students, have the bad habit of being messy. With the provision of college locker solutions, students can keep their coats, books, jumpers and personal items in one space. Inevitably, this will help to keep classrooms, hallways and shared spaces cleaner and lessen the potential for injuries caused by trip hazards.

Provide Students with A Sense of Identity

Students want to feel freedom and a sense of individualism. Providing each student with a key to their own space promotes responsibility and helps them to feel some semblance of personal identity. Students may begin to feel more independence and appreciate the value of their belongings.

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