Ambulance Storage Solution

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Ambulance & Rescue Storage

At Arkinstall we manufacture storage solutions across a variety of sectors, supplying ambulance storage solutions, Police Locker Room Storage Solutions, and Fire Service Storage Solutions. Our standard and bespoke lockers are expertly designed to comfortably fit into any bespoke ambulance locker room design.

Storage solutions are important for any job, but this is especially true for ambulance and rescue services. Ambulance lockers are manufactured with space and security in mind. Lockers for ambulance staff are designed to be deep enough to comfortably house heavy equipment bags, as well as store uniform, personal belongings, and kit bags comfortably and securely.

All our lockers and storage solutions are designed with specifics in mind. Our lockers are manufactured tall and robust to comfortably house uniforms, equipment, large kit bags and any personal belongings. Your new bespoke ambulance storage solutions utilise excellent locking methods and sturdy materials for enhanced security.

Bespoke Ambulance Lockers & Storage Solutions

These heavy-duty lockers are designed to be robust and reliable to withstand prolonged use, with simple but secure locking solutions for when you are in a rush.

Our bespoke lockers can be manufactured with additional custom storage options and come in various sizes to fit all storage space requirements and maximise locker room space, ensuring all staff have secure and apt space to house their personal belongings and work equipment.

Our ambulance storage has been designed with all factors in mind. These sturdy, robust lockers are made to withstand knocks and scrapes, while also being strong enough to securely hold heavy equipment and large bags for long-lasting and efficient storage requirements.

For additional storage and seating, we can manufacture bespoke lockers with bench additions to maximise the locker room space and provide seating as well as storage solutions. Additionally, we offer 3 point locking mechanisms, combination locks and heavy-duty steel hangers.