Steel Lockers

Steel lockers are strong, adaptable storage options that can be used in a variety of settings, including offices, gyms, schools, hospitals, changing rooms, and leisure centres. Heavy-duty steel lockers are ideal for dry, wet, or humid environments, and come with a choice of locking mechanisms, sizes, and colours.

Endurance Range Lockers

Our steel lockers, which are the most popular in our collection, offer the ideal changing room solution that can be used in any commercial changing area, school or recreation centre. Our collection is a fantastic, cost-effective choice for lockers in gym changing rooms. The user can enjoy a visually appealing and practical changing environment thanks to the anti-bacterial powder-coated surface, while the provider can save money and space with this cost-effective option.

The Endurance locker range, like all other Arkinstall lockers, can be made to specific measurements. Considerations for product styles and options number in the hundreds. Therefore, to assist you in finding the ideal combination of price, product functionality, and space optimisation to meet your precise needs, please request a callback, product information, or our free, no-obligation site survey.

Our steel changing room lockers are available in:

  • A variety of "tier" combinations
  • A wide range of "industry standard" dimensions
  • various locking options
  • build options including sloping tops, perforated panels
  • Accessory Options
  • Stands and benching options
  • choice of colours
  • Bespoke Dimension options
  • design services

Types of steel lockers 

Arkinstall supplies steel lockers with a wide range of designs, enabling solutions for different uses and environments. You can own single-tier, double-tier, or even multi-tier steel lockers. The tier system simply means the number of compartments, or doors, each locker has. Multi-tiered lockers are commonly found in communal changing rooms, gyms, and schools.

We also stock custom-made industrial steel lockers for more rugged environments, as well as bespoke variations with ventilation, ideal for gyms, sports centres, and personal storage lockers in wardrobe-esque designs, in addition to various steel locker models for schools and employees situated in array of industries.

Materials and Construction

At Arkinstall, we only use the highest quality steel when constructing our steel lockers. This is the primary material used to construct our standard-sized and bespoke lockers, meaning no matter what type of steel locker you choose, you will know it is durable, long-lasting and fit for purpose. It’s not just the frame we put care into, the importance of quality hinges, latching mechanisms and reinforced doors is understood by our team.

Our range of steel lockers can also be finished with a powder coating that boosts its protection against scratches and corrosion whilst showcasing superb aesthetic presentation.

Benefits of Steel Lockers

Steel lockers are strong, adaptable storage options that can be used in a variety of settings, including offices, gyms, schools, hospitals, changing rooms, and leisure centres. Heavy-duty steel lockers are ideal for dry, wet, or humid environments, and come with a choice of locking mechanisms, sizes, and colours.

  • Highly Durable

    Providing users with a secure place to store their belongings, our solutions offer peace of mind and assurance of safety, key aspects for any public or private space. These storage options are designed to require minimal maintenance or repairs, ensuring they remain functional and reliable over extended periods.

  • Sustainability

    Steel lockers stand out not only for their durability but also for their environmental credentials, as they are 100% recyclable. This feature ensures that, at the end of their long service life, these lockers can be completely repurposed, reducing waste and the demand for raw materials. Steel lockers also have a significantly longer life cycle.

  • Adaptable

    Our steel lockers are engineered for versatility, designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of environments, from educational, fitness centres, to professional workplaces, manufacturing settings, and automotive garages. This adaptability is a testament to the design process that considers the diverse storage needs across different sectors.

  • Customisable

    With Arkinstall, the possibilities for custom steel locker designs are virtually limitless. The inherent flexibility of steel allows it to be crafted into a wide array of sizes and shapes, catering to the unique demands of any given space. Whether the requirement is for compact units to fit into tight spaces or larger lockers for more spacious areas.

Security Features

Steel lockers can house many different items, including personal belongings, equipment, files and other sensitive material that requires adequate protection. We offer a wide range of locking systems, such as key locks, combination locks and electronic systems to keep whatever is inside safe and secure.

Our modern, heavy-duty steel lockers can be designed with many advanced security features to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the safety of the contents inside. Our steel lockers can feature overlapping edges and concealed hinges that make it extremely difficult to insert pry tools, and they also include additional reinforcements to reduce gaps.

Additionally, our Endurance steel lockers feature tamper-resistant hardware, such as hidden security screws and bolts that need specialist tools to remove. Any attempts at dismantling these lockers will be met with failure.


The Arkinstall range of steel lockers can be adapted and suit all manner of environments and industries. Your bespoke designs can be submitted to us, and our team will bring them to life using our expertise and range of high-quality steel.

School lockers made from steel can incorporate ventilation and coat hooks, while industrial, heavy-duty steel lockers can feature rugged designs and feature single-tier designs, ideal for housing uniforms, equipment, tools, and more. Steel lockers for filing purposes can also be requested, meaning all types of offices, and administration sectors will hugely benefit.


Regulations and Locker Offerings

All our lockers meet safety regulations and standards. We can also design and make lockers that follow ADA compliance, making them accessible to everyone.

Lockers we offer:

Our Premier Changing Rooms are the classy type of lockers, which are suited for all sporting industries.

The Supertuff Lockers are stylish and stackable plastic lockers, that are ideal for schools and leisure centers, as well as industrial changing rooms.

Timber-style lockers can be supplied in a variety of melamine or real wood laminate finishes, bringing luxury to any changing room locker designs.

Wet Area Lockers fit perfectly into any athletic and leisure setting where dampness is an issue.