Bespoke Firehouse Storage Solutions for your Facility

Fire Storage Solutions

Fire Station Lockers

At Arkinstall, we specialise in the production and installation of bespoke firehouse storage solutions. We manufacture our lockers with a range of different materials in a range of different sizes, to meet your exact fire station storage needs.

Staff lockers for fire stations are designed to store your personal belongings, as well as provide enough space to store your kit and equipment. When designing and building, the layout is a vital consideration. Keeping a well-organised fire station reduces the risks of potential obstacles that could cause an obstruction or delay and is the surefire way to facilitate a timely response.

Our fire station lockers are both sturdy and robust, guaranteeing that they’re able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. If security is a concern, you can also opt to install additional safety features, such as multi-point locking systems, combination locks, and reinforced steel doors, for further peace of mind. All our lockers come with adequate ventilation, regardless of the fire station locker features you choose, thus allowing your kit to dry out properly when not in use.

Enhancing Fire Station Storage Efficiency:

As well as providing the correct standards for bespoke fire station lockers, we manufacture and install a range of practical fire station storage solutions too – all of which are custom designed to meet your specific fire station locker-room needs.

For instance, we are able to build lockers with benches, which can be placed around the perimeter of your fire station locker room, in order to maximise your available space, whilst giving your team a comfortable place to change.

If you would like help designing your ideal fire station locker room, our expert team would be more than happy to help. We can come out to your site to measure everything up, allowing us to provide you with made-to-measure locker room benching and storage options. These can then be drawn up into a handy CAD design. This stage will allow you to visualise exactly how you want your new fire station locker room to look and also enables us to ensure that your chosen fire station locker room design is as practical as possible.

Fire Locker Storage Solutions

Benefits of Fire Station Lockers

Immediate access to gear and supplies

As mentioned above, a well-designed, organised locker storage system will ensure that when a fire breaks out and emergency strikes, firefighters can easily access their gear and tools. Helmets, pants, coats, boots, gloves and more are paramount in protecting firefighters. The ability to be ready quickly in these situations is so important when every second counts towards saving lives.

Personal Storage

Lockers for personal storage are essential in fire stations. Firefighters spend a considerably longer time at the station during their shifts, so they need a place to store their belongings. Our lockers are designed with space in mind. With extra space necessary for personal belongings, this has been proven to be highly beneficial, as well as helping keep the fire station organised.

Security for brave workers

Not only is storage for work equipment essential, but fire stations also require storage solutions for employees’ personal belongings. When not out saving lives, firefighters can spend long hours at their fire stations. They will need somewhere safe, secure and organised to store clothes and other personal items. Smart or traditional locks both provide security and peace of mind to employees.

The ability to customise lockers

Finally, another important benefit of fire station lockers is their customisability. This can be done to meet the unique requirements of different stations. Customisations can range all the way from differing materials and varying sizes to helpful accessories; adjustable shelves, hook brackets and more, for example. Regarding materials, you have a choice between a number of metals, wood and even laminates, each providing their own benefits and drawbacks.

Get in Touch About Your Fire Station Storage Needs

Whether you have an empty room you need designing or you have a CAD drawing you want brought to life, we are the people for you. Let us know your requirements below.


A fire locker is a special type of locker, which is specifically designed and manufactured for the fire department. The lockers are designed with an open front, so when an emergency call-out occurs the uniform and equipment are easily accessible.

Emergency lockers have the same sizes and fire lockers are no different. Fire lockers are usually 24” wide and are constructed to 16-gauge specifications.