5 Tips to Design a Sports Locker Room

Sports locker rooms are an important part of the facilities you have to offer customers. A well maintained, functioning and clean sports locker room shows your guests the quality of your establishment. A good sports locker room offers a good first impression of your establishment and ensures guests of the quality of your services.

Below are some tips to consider when deciding how to design your sports locker room.

The Type of Locks

The quality of the locks in your locker room space is important. Flimsy locks will not assure guests of the safety of their belongings and overall give the impression of a cheap and unimpressive facility. Some gym and leisure facilities do not provide locks and request that their customers bring their own.

This is an alternate option. However, if you do choose to have locks, the quality of the locks must be of good quality. Ultimately, you need to think about your users and what they would benefit from most.

How Will the Layout Look?

The gym locker room design layout is incredibly important for the functionality of the space and ease of customer use. Customers should be able to easily access the locker rooms, showers, changing facilities and gym/leisure access. Additionally, access to the lockers should be easily accessible, but also slightly private to ensure that members maintain some privacy.

If your facility has ‘wet’ areas, such as showers, pool, sauna, etc. Access to these areas must fit with the layout. For example, having to walk through ‘wet’ areas to access ‘dry’ changing rooms would not make sense and become a bother for guests and members.

Furthermore, the layout of your gym locker room design should work to add value to your property. Modern design dictates that unique arrangements and locker placements are beneficial to create small, social spaces that offer privacy to members.

The Chosen Material

Depending on the area, the material of your lockers will vary. For example, for wet areas, plastic lockers are best suited to avoid damage and bacteria spreading.

Wooden lockers are a popular design for more boutique feeling establishments. However, wood is not the most useful. For example, if touched by humidity the wood can begin to lose its beauty.

Alternatively, if you want something durable and sophisticated, bespoke gym lockers are the best way to achieve this. Bespoke lockers can combine durability, sleek design, and quality locking.


Your gym locker room design should maximise space for functionality and storage but should also include room for certain amenities that will benefit the experience of your guests. Things such as bins in family/baby changing rooms, benches and seating, vanity, and mirror spaces to get ready, etc.

Amenities will depend on the premium of the member, but for higher-paying memberships, access to certain amenities will greatly improve the gym locker room design and overall impression on guests.

Lighting and circulation

Lighting and circulation are important features to consider for your locker room space. Locker rooms generally tend to be areas of high humidity, which in turn spreads bacteria. Having well-circulated areas ensures no build-up of smell or humidity.

Lighting should work to create ambience and fit the space, making the space feel open and welcoming. The space should be adequately lit, but not with bright or harsh lighting too sterile for the environment.

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