The Importance of Changing Room Lockers

Changing rooms need to be a space where people can feel comfortable leaving their possessions and belongings when they go off to do their exercises at the gym, go to P.E. class in school or keep their personal belongings secure when they are attending work. A viable solution for this is to install lockers that…

Changing rooms need to be a space where people can feel comfortable leaving their possessions and belongings when they go off to do their exercises at the gym, go to P.E. class in school or keep their personal belongings secure when they are attending work. A viable solution for this is to install lockers that are spacious, optimally designed and most importantly, secure.

No matter what type of changing room you use or own, changing room lockers need to fit, look good and match the type of environment they are housed in to ensure the security and safety of people’s possessions, in addition to being practical, environmentally friendly and a cost-effective solution.

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1. The benefits of changing room lockers

2. The different types of changing room lockers

3. Factors to consider when choosing changing room lockers

4. Installation and maintenance of changing room lockers

1. The Benefits of Changing Room Lockers

Changing room lockers have a wide array of benefits for the locations they can be situated in. Firstly, security is one of the most important factors for people visiting their local gym, school and workplace. People need to feel comfortable and have guaranteed assurance that their items will be secure from potential theft and damage.

Changing room lockers are the best solution in finding the most secure storage for your belongings, many of which come with sophisticated locking systems which can include combination locks, electronic, coin-operated, cam locks and more. The clients and staff that use your changing room lockers with these locking systems in place will leave their belongings in them, knowing that they will be safe and secure the whole time they are in there.

Another additional benefit of changing room lockers is that they promote organisation and cleanliness. Lockers for changing rooms help to keep mess and clutter at bay – rather than school changing rooms relying on benches and other means of storage for students’ uniforms during sports classes, they’ll be able to house them in lockers, and off the dirty floor and benches.

People trying leisure centres and gyms for the first time will enter the changing room and get a sense that the gym is an organised one, promoting your brand and helping to spread word of mouth that your business is the best one to choose.

One of the most crucial benefits of installing changing room lockers is the fact that it is required by law. For employees who must change into work clothing in order to execute their jobs, employers are expected to offer secure and appropriate storage for clothing as well as proper changing room facilities. This is outlined in the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

2. The Different Types of Changing Room Lockers

you’re probably asking yourself, as there are several types of changing room lockers that each have their own benefits.

Not only is there a wide selection of materials to choose from, but there are several distinct types that your business can utilise, creating several distinct design trends that you can match with your existing brand image and colour scheme. The different types of changing room lockers include:

Steel lockers: Steel lockers are one of the most popular choices for changing room lockers and for good reason. They can be installed in a wide range of sectors, such as schools and leisure centres, and benefit from being highly durable.
Premier lockers: Premier lockers enable belongings to be stored in secure, hardwearing units which add a touch of class to your establishment. These types of lockers can come in over 100 different styles helping you add your own customisable flare to a changing room.
Supertuff lockers: For both internal and external use, supertuff lockers are best used for schools, swimming pools and commercial and industrial sectors that are looking for a strong locker that is resistant to corrosion, dents and rust.
Timber lockers: Changing rooms can equip timber lockers that are not only durable but will not corrode and are available in a wide range of real wood laminate finishes. Optimising your changing room space has never been easier with timber lockers.

3. Factors to Consider When Choosing Changing Room Lockers

Apart from the type of changing room lockers you can choose from, there are other distinct factors you must consider for owning the most suitable system for your business.

It is important that you know the size and dimensions of your changing room in order to get bespoke fitted lockers that truly optimise your changing room space and don’t make a changing room feel too crowded or stuffy.

Are you looking for a way for your business to become more environmentally friendly? Many changing room lockers use 100% recycled materials which benefit from a much longer lifespan making them extremely sustainable. By installing eco-friendly lockers for your changing room, you can showcase your business as one that is doing its part to help the environment.

It’s all well and good to have changing room lockers that are well-fitted and sustainable, but what about the aesthetics and the visual appeal? It’s important to decide on a colour scheme for your lockers that will match and coincide with your branding colours or the colour scheme of your changing room in general.

Suitable colours will offer a calming, relaxed and pleasant experience for people using the changing room and lockers.

4. Installation and Maintenance of Changing Room Lockers

The installation and maintenance process of changing room lockers can vary depending on the specific type of locker and its material. Firstly, you will need a CAD design that can be brought to life by expert suppliers such as Arkinstall – we can even create a bespoke CAD design for you as well as supplying the lockers to your location. Once the design has been finalised, the lockers must then be assembled following the type of lockers requirements.

The next step involves installing the lockers in the chosen location and making sure they are securely fixed to the floor or wall, depending on the type you have chosen. The last part of the installation process is installing the locking mechanism to ensure the safety and security of the possessions that will be kept in the bespoke lockers.

For the guaranteed longevity of lockers for changing rooms, they must be maintained regularly. With regular cleaning, inspection and repairs when necessary, your changing room lockers will last for years, as well as maintain a professional clean aesthetic that will keep customers, staff and whoever is using the lockers happy that their belongings will stay clean and sanitised.

Changing Room Lockers with Arkinstall

For a trusted supplier of bespoke changing room lockers, as well as other storage solutions, choose Arkinstall. We focus on customer satisfaction and can design, supply and install multiple different changing room lockers for a wide selection of sectors, including schools, sports and leisure, retail, places of worship and industrial.

Contact us today on 0121 522 0500 or email us at for help with your project. Work with us to bring your CAD drawings to life with expert care.

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