Fishermore Changing Room Design Process

Initial Enquiry

Fishermore school contacted us to design and supply a bespoke changing room refurbishment. To start our project with Fishermore School, we first began with a plan from the project manager. This included the room plan, so that we knew the initial dimensions and shape of the area we had to work in.


The design plan included the kind of benches they needed for their changing room and fittings, the overall colour scheme, and the layout. Just like with Fishermore School, all of our designs are bespoke to you and your needs, including extra fittings for all your requirements.

Site Visit

This plan then allowed us to carry out a site visit. This was an important step in the project as the site visit did not support the room plan we were originally given, meaning alterations had to be made. To suit the minimal space, we changed the plan to provide the best design possible.


Once the design was settled, we could begin the installation of our 30 Series Hardwood Benching in their changing room. Working alongside the contractors, the design was implemented quickly and efficiently.


As with most projects carried out within the educational sector, delivery and installation times were critical to ensuring no disruption during term time. At Arkinstall, we pride ourselves on planning and installing bespoke designs quickly and with good quality.

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