Storage Solutions for Secondary Schools

Secondary School Lockers

Improving Efficiency With Secondary School Lockers

At Arkinstall, we specialise in the creation of bespoke secondary school lockers, which can be provided in a range of materials, finishes, and sizes to meet all your secondary school storage needs.

When you install high-quality lockers in secondary schools, students no longer need to carry around heavy books. Likewise, their coats and other belongings will no longer clutter your classrooms, reducing potential trip hazards and giving you more teaching space.

Both practical and functional, our secondary school lockers are built from robust materials to ensure they can withstand frequent daily use. Each pupil will get their own key to their locker, guaranteeing that their belongings remain safe and secure throughout the day.

Our secondary school lockers can also be used by staff – and with optional security features like multi-point locking systems to choose from, help to make your school a safer, more positive place to be.

Secondary School Changing-Room Solutions

Changing room lockers are one of the most common types of storage systems required in secondary schools. Arkinstall manufactures and installs made-to-measure secondary school lockers to meet your exact requirements and fit your available space, making us the perfect partner when it comes to fitting gym or swimming pool lockers in secondary schools.

In addition to standard storage lockers for secondary schools, we also design and produce full, custom changing-room solutions. For instance, we can fit benching around the perimeter of your changing room facilities to provide students with a comfortable place to change.

These bench systems can either be fitted to your secondary school locker systems or installed separately, depending on your individual preferences. Our expert team is always more than happy to advise on the most economical use of your space and can provide full CAD drawings to help you visualise the end result – complete with your new secondary school lockers – if you would like help with your design.

Benefits of Secondary School Lockers

The importance of having high-quality lockers in schools is often overlooked. They allow students to store personal items or things they may not want to carry, can help to improve a school’s overall image and offer security. Here are some of the main benefits of secondary school lockers.

Positive impact on school image

Though not a benefit that many may appreciate the importance of, those working at schools should. Having high-quality lockers in your school provides many benefits, all of which can help to improve a school’s reputation – something that can really make or break an institution. This rings especially true when it comes to prospective students and their parents.

Protecting student’s health

It’s widely known that carrying heavy bags on our backs can lead to serious back issues later in life. Students shouldn’t be lugging round extremely heavy bags for five days every week – it simply isn’t good for health. Installing lockers in secondary schools allows students to store heavier items they don’t want or need to carry around with them all day.

Increased security and safety

Perhaps the most obvious benefit, secondary school lockers offer increased security and safety, hopefully leading to happier students. On certain days, students may need to bring in extremely personal or even valuable items which are obviously best kept safe and away from prying eyes.

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