Industrial Locker Room

industrial locker room

Bespoke Industrial Locker Room Designers

Arkinstall supplies and design storage solutions across several industries, including the industrial sector.

Our industrial lockers can be built to specific requirements and can be tailored to have additional fittings such as shelves, benches, and stands.

They not only come in standard sizes but bespoke options, too.

Our Industrial Storage Solutions

All of our storage solutions for industrial locker rooms combine intelligent locking solutions, skilled manufacturing, and a selection of sizes to suit every user.

These varying sizes of industrial lockers are designed to fit all personal belongings comfortably, including kit bags, equipment bags, and uniforms.

They offer maximum storage whilst still being integrated seamlessly into your industrial locker room.

Industrial locker room
industrial locker room

Welded Mesh

For the industrial sector, welded mesh lockers provide the ideal storage solution for employees that work in damp conditions. The increased ventilation of the mesh design allows for wet clothing and equipment to be dried during shifts without reducing the integrity of the metal locker over time.

Our range of mesh personal effects lockers offers a high level of visual security to reduce theft. Similarly, the small surface areas mean there is nowhere for dirt and bacteria to hide, making them a safe and clean option for all belongings in an industrial locker room.

Combining both strength and convenience, our industrial mesh lockers are easy to assemble and built to last.

Industrial Metal Lockers

Arkinstall’s industrial lockers are a very suitable option for businesses with high staff rotation levels. Heavy duty, metal lockers make a great solution for their constant use and ensure extra durability to lower long-term costs.

There is the option to Zinc, or powder coat our metal lockers to fit them seamlessly into your industrial locker room design. Metal lockers are a great option for industrial locker rooms that require high hygiene standards.

They can be used in damp areas, as well as for businesses that handle food, as the anti-bacterial coating provides assurance that no harmful bacteria can produce on the industrial lockers.

Our Design Services can create and install a bespoke locker system for your industrial locker room’s needs.

Get in Touch About Your Industrial Locker Room Needs

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