Emergency Services Lockers & Storage Solutions

Firehouse Storage Solutions

Our working relationship with the Emergency Services began when Arkinstall was approached by West Midland Fire Service to design storage units for new issue fire fighting uniforms for thirteen stations at short notice.

As a result of the success of this collaboration our range of products has grown rapidly, and are now also being supplied to the Ambulance, Police, and Coast Guard Services.

PPE and equipment used by all services are specialised and expensive, so it makes sense to prolong its life by ensuring it is stored securely and safely.

All of the products we manufacture for Emergency Services are bespoke, designed to fulfill a specific requirement, and last a lifetime.

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Police changing room lockers

Police Locker Room Solutions

Our products for the Emergency Services extend also to the Police force.

Our Police  lockers and benches have been expertly designed for use by the Police force for kitbag storage and to keep uniforms, equipment, and personal belongings secure at all times in the police locker room

Ambulance Equipment Storage

We provide robust, sturdy, and long-lasting storage solutions for Ambulances.

Ambulance storage has been designed with all factors in mind. The lockers and units are made to withstand knocks and scrapes, while also being strong enough to securely hold heavy equipment and large bags for long-lasting and efficient storage requirements

Image of Ambulance

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