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  • Bench and Locker Systems that are fit for purpose …… and suit your style

    This project was for a famous professional football club’s academy changing room. After several consultations, a design plan was presented and agreed to suit the specific need and changing room area dimensions. Products included:-

    • 30 Series benches, modified to fit
    • Venturi lockers, specially designed
    • Installation service
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  • A bespoke mesh storage solution for a specific need

    When it comes to mesh storage, there is no such thing as a standard solution. This was part of a much bigger project for the Fire Service This element included:

    • Bespoke solutions to store specified products
    • PPE Storage and Mesh Storage experience
    • No extra cost implications for bespoke work.
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  • Wooden lockers developed closely with architects and contractors

    Arkinstall can call on years of experience in the field to provide unique ways of meeting storage and cloakroom equipment needs. Autocad facilities are available.

    • Venturi based locker designs
    • Full design and development services
    • CSCS registered installation team
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  • Producing changing room products on time …… and on budget

    Arkinstall has developed a reputation for good quality changing room products over five decades of supplying to both public and private schools. These bench systems can be made to measure or easily assembled.

    • 30 series benches are of proven quality and reliability
    • Can be easily assembled or installation service available
    • Can be supplied in modular format to meet budget
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  • Storage skills that can be used in many different markets

    Finding unique mesh storage solutions across many market sectors by designing directly to need …… a project for a place of worship

    • Involves the NETWoRK mesh storage range
    • Designed for compartment size, volume and mobility
    • Galvanized by our sister company for corrosion protection from the elements
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  • Changing room systems adapted for any market sector

    Careful attention to detail means any product, be it bench, locker or storage, will be re-designed and adapted to provide the optimum changing room environment.

    • Bespoke designed steel lockers range with specific hook requirements
    • AutoCad plan as space availability at a premium
    • Additional 60 series bench and mesh storage developed
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  • PPE storage systems for Fire and Emergency Services

    One of many projects in the emergency services sector, where each service have differing operational needs…… and where the bespoke design service features strongly

    • Specially designed PPE storage system developed
    • Other key items stored safely so they are easily accessible
    • Every Fire and Emergency Service project had its unique requirements – standard solutions don’t apply
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  • Changing room systems with all details covered

    Cricketers need to store bulkier items in their lockers…… so standard changing rooms systems struggle to cope. At Arkinstall it presents another interesting challenge.

    • 30 series benching developed to fit
    • Venturi lockers adapted to store specified items
    • Steel and mesh compartments constructed for cricket bags
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