Locker Materials: Three Types of Materials for Lockers

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Locker Materials

Metal storage lockers are still as important today as they were many years ago. During the planning stage of your new facility, a time will come when you need to decide on the best locker materials for the space you are creating. A popular choice for storing personal belongings safely, lockers can be made with different materials, feature different styles and are applied in different ways within schools, offices, gyms and other locations.

Deciding on which material you will use for your lockers is an important decision that could save you money, time and hassle in the future.

What Materials are Lockers Made of?

This can range from wood or metal to phenolic plastic. It depends on your requirements. Is your main goal ergonomics? Or durability? Maybe even aesthetic design?

All the above are vital things to consider and here at Arkinstall we want to focus on three different locker materials you could potentially choose from: steel, timber and laminate.

Three Types of Locker Materials

Stainless-steel Lockers

This choice can be more costly; however, you reap the benefits of high durability, endurance and a much longer life. The material can defend against constant, rough use and is easily cleaned and maintained thanks to its non-porous surface.

Furthermore, stainless steel can be recycled and reused once you’re finished using it, making it an environmentally friendly option when choosing locker materials. Owing to its ability to withstand heavy use and the moisture of a wet environment, stainless-steel lockers are popular choices in locker rooms and gyms. A high-quality and all-around top choice.

Timber Lockers (Wood Lockers)

If your main goal is aesthetics, then wood lockers are a great option as they are designed to look good and help to create a welcoming environment. They provide a timeless, warm, and classic look that other locker materials can’t quite match. What they lack in protection against water, wooden lookers make up for in transforming the feel of a room.

Specifically looking at timber, they can also be customised in a range of styles and finishes, meaning you can add a personal touch. Timber lockers can be classed as a high-end option that will stay looking great forever.

Laminate Lockers

We’ve chosen to finish on laminate lockers because they offer a nice middle-ground, combining affordability and durability. This material is immune to denting, like metal, and doesn’t become soaked in water, like wood can. Useful in a wide variety of settings, from schools to spas, laminate lockers provide resistance to scratches, dents and serious damage.

They can also be customised depending on whether you want them to blend into the surroundings or stand out and make a statement. Just be sure to watch out for delamination.

That completes our deep dive into the best materials for lockers. Each option has pros and cons, but the choice ultimately depends on your end goal.

Here at Arkinstall, we would be happy to help in finding you the perfect solution, whether it's laminae, wood or even a more bespoke option. Visit our website or contact us directly to find out more.

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