John Wilmott School Changing Room Design

Changing Room Design Process

Initial Enquiry

The John Wilmott School were carrying out a refurbishment program of their cloakrooms and changing rooms using a local contractor, Thomas Vale Ltd. As part of this, Arkinstall were asked to curate a bespoke design for them including the products needed, the overall layout of the room, and a maximisation of the space.


The client had planned to use our 30 Series Hardwood Benching with a variety of optional fittings that suited their needs. These included matching hook rails and heating coils, as well as service ducting and a bespoke framework to accommodate the existing pipe runs in the changing room.

Site Visit

To begin with this, we carried out a site survey to assess the best possible use of the space available in their two changing rooms. From here, we were able to design a layout that best suited the dimensions using the most appropriate changing room benches for the job.


Our bespoke design services were utilised throughout, as with the showers being within close proximity to the changing rooms, we knew all steelwork needed to be zinc coated to prevent rusting over time. As with all of our projects, the delivery and installation were quick and efficient so as not to interrupt the term time


Our bench systems were purchased on a “supply only” basis because of their simple assembly, making the installation incredibly easy and to budget.

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