Corporate Office Seating Solutions for an Organised Workplace

An office is more than a place of work, and an organised office environment, with effective office storage makes a huge difference in regards to visual appeal, staff morale and overall office efficiency. Working from a messy desk, or shared office space can be a contributing factor to low work ethic and increased stress levels while at work. Maintaining a tidy and organised work environment, can have huge benefits.

Additionally, there are some ‘office culture’ debates that dictate that the organisation of a space affects how a team behaves in that space, therefore, organising your office space will help influence your company’s culture and your team.

The Organisation Has Several Benefits

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves relationships

At Arkinstall. we are a bespoke lockers and benches manufacturers who create bespoke retail storage solutions, as well as commercial lockers and benches. We stock commercial lockers and benches for a range of industries, including emergency services, gym and leisure and office spaces.

Office Storage Solutions

Bespoke Office Lockers

An efficient office is one that is functional, organised, and full of necessary office storage solutions. If you have a large number of staff who require space to keep their belongings, staff lockers are a functional and organised storage solution. Bespoke office lockers can be manufactured in a range of sizes and styles to suit the aesthetic of your office space.

Additionally, office lockers can be manufactured in a range of sizes to provide either block storage or create a ‘nest’ of lockers to maximise space requirements and fit into aesthetics.


Bookcases and shelves are an incredibly popular storage solution due to their versatility, reasonable pricing and ability to hold lots of content. Additionally, an organised bookcase filled with relevant literature can transform an office space into something visually impressive and intellectually stimulating.

Additionally, bookcases can be great all-around storage to hold awards, books, miscellaneous items, folders, files, etc. A bookcase is a great opportunity to showcase some creative flare in your organised office space.

Office Pedestals

Pedestals are separate units that provide extra space underneath desk spaces. These pedestals are typically short and able to wheel around to move to wherever convenient. Additionally, they usually consist of a few draws/compartments to hold things. Some pedestals come with seat pads and can be used as seat alternatives.

Cube Storage

Cube storage has become popular recently, offering a versatile and stylish storage unit to house almost anything. Including, company awards, plants, important things used by all office members, etc.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are probably the most common piece of office storage. They’re useful for holding and organising important documents, keeping things up to date and maintaining an orderly working environment. Filing cabinets can be used across departments and are overall incredibly useful for staying organised and efficient, making them an excellent addition to office storage solutions.