Locker Room Design Trends: What’s New and What Works?

Locker Room Design Trends: What’s New and What Works? Blog Contents 1. Sustainability in locker room design 2. Colour and texture trends: Adding personality to locker room designs 3. Innovative multi-purpose spaces 4. Locker room design trends with Arkinstall Locker rooms are required for a variety of reasons across many different sectors. They constitute essential…

Locker Room Design Trends: What’s New and What Works?

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Blog Contents

1. Sustainability in locker room design

2. Colour and texture trends: Adding personality to locker room designs

3. Innovative multi-purpose spaces

4. Locker room design trends with Arkinstall

Locker rooms are required for a variety of reasons across many different sectors. They constitute essential spaces for people to get changed, and to refresh and relax, both before and after sporting activities and events. They are also often used by students during school time.

Locker room designs have stuck to the same formula over the years. Recently, however, new trends have begun to emerge, changing the way locker rooms are used – for the better.

Many factors are needed for a good locker room design – and in this blog, we will look at what works, exploring the new trends hitting locations across the UK.

1. Sustainability in locker room design

One of the biggest trends hitting locker room designs at the moment is the use of sustainable materials. Many sustainable materials are being used in all types of construction in 2023, as this helps businesses to show that they are eco-friendly. There are many eco-friendly materials that can be utilised in locker rooms and applied to many different applications, from lockers to benches and more.

Eco-friendly materials: choosing sustainable options for locker room design

There are plenty of options for locker rooms to choose from in terms of eco-friendly materials. But how do you choose the best sustainable materials and where do you implement them in a locker room design?

Here are some sustainable materials that are setting new trends to be used in locker rooms:

Recycled plastic: Lockers, benches and other fittings can all be made from recycled plastic and benefit from being moisture-resistant, as well as durable and long-lasting.
Bamboo: Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable material that can be used to make benches, flooring and other fixtures in locker rooms. Bamboo is antimicrobial and moisture-resistant and, using bamboo in a locker room design offers an oriental style, setting it apart from other locker rooms.
Recycled rubber: For a sustainable option for flooring in locker rooms, recycled rubber is an ideal choice, as it is durable, slip-resistant and can be sourced from recycled tyres.

In addition to the sustainable materials that locker rooms can use, one of the best ideas to add even more sustainability – and to save electric and water bills – is to implement solutions such as LED lighting and automatic taps. Many LED lights come in different colours as well, so you could therefore change the lighting to your team’s sporting colours or create a distinct and unique colour theme that people could enjoy every time they use the locker room.

2. Colour and texture trends: Adding personality to locker room designs

Speaking of adding colour, one of the biggest trends to hit locker room designs is incorporating lots of colour and texture. A good colour scheme can help inspire and make people using the locker room feel more comfortable.

Adding personality

A locker room design with style and personality can help persuade more people to use your business, rather than a boring and drab locker room that a competitor may own. Indeed, personality creates a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, which some people need in a locker room, as certain people feel more vulnerable than others when changing in a locker room.

Locker room designs can be completely changed for the better in locations such as schools, to incorporate logos, colour schemes and other design traits that add more flavour and personality. A colour scheme that matches your brand is ideal for locker rooms and choosing the right colour scheme is more important than you may think. For example, for an elegant establishment like a country club, the worst choice of colour would be bright and bold colours that don’t reflect the sophistication of the rest of the establishment. This can make the locker room feel out of place. A darker, glossy wood finish would suit this environment better. Bright, bold and natural colours are more suited for universities and gyms, for example, where fitness and activity need to be represented clearly.

Lockers and texture

All good locker room designs implement the right colour scheme into the actual lockers, as well as some of the furniture and walls. However, the lockers themselves need to not only match your brand and colour scheme but must also be suitable for the environment. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of lockers that you can choose from to best suit your environment, from steel lockers, timber style lockers, wet area lockers and supertuff lockers to premier lockers, all of which come in different styles and textures. For the latest trends, think of the visual impact your lockers can have, in addition to considering functionality.

3. Innovative multi-purpose spaces

The size of your locker room will determine what you will be able to install and fit in it. More locker room designs are beginning to create multi-purpose spaces catering to all users’ needs. For example, many modern locker rooms are installing wellness amenities, especially in fitness centres and gyms, where people can use saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs that promote relaxation and constitute a great way of recovering after a workout.

For sporting locker rooms, such as football locker rooms, it can be a good idea to have separate spaces where the players get changed, and where the team huddles and tactics are discussed. Instead of traditional lockers, these locker room designs may have open-style lockers, where players can see their football shirts on display when they walk in to get changed.

Another innovative design to consider is mesh storage, which is ideal for a number of locations, for a number of reasons. Indeed, mesh storage is especially useful for storing PPE and other equipment, including gas cylinders, kitchen utensils, wellington boots and more. This is because mesh storage offers maximum ventilation and visibility, allowing people to remain aware of where their possessions are at all times. They also are extremely secure and are ideal for emergency-services locker rooms, as they can store heavy-duty items.

4. Locker room design solutions with Arkinstall

Here at Arkinstall, we specialise in all aspects of locker room design and installation, helping you to plan a bespoke locker room design, in addition to installing your chosen features in a wide range of colours in textures, appropriate for your sector and industry. We always keep up to date with the latest locker room design trends and fully understand what works, allowing us to create the best locker room possible.

If you think you need a new locker room or want to update your existing locker room with a brand-new and innovative design, contact Arkinstall for expert help and advice. We even work with your CAD designs and drawings, if you have them, to bring your dream locker room to life.

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